Renowned for its rich history in racquet sports, The Tuxedo Club is the only club in the United States that offers its members six distinct racquets activities including:

  • Lawn Tennis: the Club offers six Har-Tru Tennis courts
  • Court Tennis: the original racquet sport from which the modern game of tennis is derived. The Tuxedo Club is home to only one of 11 Court Tennis courts in The United States.
  • Rackets: one of the fastest and most thrilling ball sports in the world, The Tuxedo Club is home to one of only nine Rackets courts in The United States.
  • Platform Tennis: primarily played in the colder month's, the Club offers four Platform Tennis courts.
  • Squash: played indoors throughout the year, the Club offers two regulation Squash courts.
  • Pickleball: the Club offers one Pickleball court (currently located in the Club's Rackets court)