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  • Dress Code
    • Main Clubhouse

      Casual dress is acceptable at all times in the Clubhouse, except during Formal Dinner Service on Friday and Saturday evenings where coat and tie for gentlemen and dresses or dress slacks for ladies are required. Denim attire (jeans, skirts or jackets) is not permitted on Club premises at any time. Hats should never be worn by men inside the Clubhouse, nor when seated on the outdoor terraces.

      Golf House and Golf Course

      Acceptable clothing includes slacks, Bermuda shorts, golf skirts, and collared shirts (ladies may wear shirts without collars if they have sleeves). We encourage our members and guests, if in doubt, to err on the side of formality and conservatism. Unacceptable clothing includes T-shirts, tank tops, men’s short sleeve mock turtlenecks, logoed sports jerseys, jeans, cut-offs, denim garments, bicycle shorts, swimming attire, sweatsuits, coaching shorts, and shorts that are higher than four inches above the knee. Members and guests are expected to keep their shirts tucked in. Headgear should be worn with the bill forward. When entering the Clubhouse, all headgear should be removed.


      We expect members and their guests to use good taste in their dress at all times. Shirts must be worn on the courts, as well as court shoes to prevent any damage to the surface.


      Proper swimsuit attire must be worn while in the pool area. The following are not considered acceptable attire: cut-offs, gym shorts, denim (i.e. jeans, shorts, skirts, shirts, and jackets).

      Diapers (of any kind) are not permitted in the main pool.

      Summer Camp

      Children must wear clothes which meet the requirements for play on the tennis courts. Jeans and cut-offs are not permitted at any time.

      Tennis and Tennis House

      Proper tennis attire is defined as ALL WHITE. Narrow trim (on the edge of one's shirt, blouse, vest, skirt, dress, shorts, hat or shoes) will be permitted.

      Shirts: Gentlemen’s shirts must have a collar and sleeves. T-shirts are not permitted.
      Shoes: All players, including children, are encouraged to wear white tennis shoes.
      Hats: White hats are encouraged.
      Warm ups: White warm ups are encouraged.
      Exceptions for children (under 16): Children will be allowed to wear colored hats and all-white t-shirts so long as they do not have large logos on them. The following items are not appropriate: non-tennis shoes, bathing suits, cut-offs, and colored clothing.

  • Cell Phone Policy
    • Cellular Phones and Electronic Devices

      Cell phone and electronic device usage is permissible on a limited basis at The Tuxedo Club.

      AUDIBLE USE: Audible use of cell phones and electronic devices is permissible ONLY in the parking lots of Club facilities.
      NON-AUDIBLE USE: Discreet non-audible or silent use of cell phones and electronic devices is permissible at all Club facilities.

      Members and guests must maintain their cell phones and electronic devices in either 'off' or 'silent' modes at all times on Club property. The use of cell phones and electronic devices may only be used discreetly and in a manner courteous to other members, guests and Club staff. Members are reminded of their responsibility to inform their guests of this policy prior to their arrival at The Tuxedo Club.

  • Smoking Policy
    • Smoking Policy

        Smoking is prohibited:
      • In all outdoor facilities.
      • In all outdoor dining areas, including both terraces at the Main Clubhouses, and the covered terraces at the Golf Clubhouse.
      • In the gated areas around the pool.
      • In any other part of the buildings and grounds when food is being served (i.e. back lawn of Main Club at the 4th of July Fireworks).

        Smoking is permitted:
      • In outdoor areas contiguous to the dining terraces at the Main and Golf Clubhouses as described above, when food is not being served
  • Food and Beverages
    • Food and Beverages

      All food and beverages consumed on Club grounds are to be purchased from the Club. Any bottled wine brought into the Club is subject to a corkage fee per bottle.

  • Lost Articles
    • Lost Articles

      The Club is not responsible for any items placed or left in the coat closets, locker rooms or any area of the Club.

  • Parking
    • Parking

      The Club has reserved a limited number of parking spaces in front of the Clubhouse for those individuals who have obtained a state permit to utilize designated handicap parking spaces.

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